About 'The Circles'

The Circles – as the Centre of Excellence for Holistic Well-Being is an amalgamation of Core Professionals – the Master Trainers, Content Developers, Facilitators and Happiness Coach of 3HS India and creative Passionate People – the Social Catalysts and heart-driven Volunteers of ACE Trust

The Circles co-creator has more than 27 years of experience in providing personal and professional guidance, counselling, mentoring, coaching, training and leadership solutions.

Collectively the Centre of Excellence | Holistic Well-Being has 270+ years of experience and all core group members – the {SOUL}Tribe passionately enhance the quality of life for you, your students, staff, employees, community members, visitors and family members while improving your organization’s productivity, profitability, performance and potential possibilities of future growth/success by impacting life & work holistically.


We work with Individuals, Institutions, Industries and Social Impact organizations representing all domains of life and locations, shapes and sizes for creating the Happier, Healthier, Harmonious Eco-system ‘The Circles‘ 


The Circles enables you and yours, the ability to EXPERIENCE & EXPRESS the meaningful enhancement and evolution in their daily lives by giving them the fundamental elements of Holistic Well-Being in Life & Work

HOLISTIC WELLBEING is a active process of becoming Self-Aware and making conscious CHOICES towards a happier, healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. It is more than being free from illness, anxiety, tensions, it is a dynamic process of continuous personal growth and sustainable professional development of the Whole Being – Self-Transformation

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