Find the Balance and Centre of Your Life Now. The Nine Dimensions (Aspects) of Life
Are You Able to Attain the Perfect Balance of Life & Work? | Happier Harmony

Life is not merely working to sustain itself and expanding families. It is beyond professional work & domestic life. Are you AWARE of all the dimensions of Life? Are you ABLE to get the Perfect Balance between them? Are you at the CENTRE OF LIFE? or Are you able to find Centre of ‘All that Is’ happening in your life?

Your JOURNEY to Centre of Life and Everything begins here.


What is Life? Why Are We Here on this Earth? What is the Purpose of Life? Am I living my life while attaining my purpose or Am I still not working as per the divine plan.

Many question and inner whispers coax me to dig deeper, contemplating for hours and hours together, for months, even years and the inquisitiveness to find the balance, the answers and the centre point of all that is happening leads me to research even deeper and filter the many theories and practices adopted and adapted by leading Quantum Theory and Masters of many ‘ISMs’.

Many well presented and widely marketed philosophies initially attracted me to get involved but when I start experimenting and applying the practices shared by them, I found that though it sometimes gives you little calmness, momentary peace and some insightful moments, but the permanency was missing in almost all such groups and teachings.

The journey continued and slowly but surely the clarity happened. I found that the true system and science of life is defined, illustrated and taught systematically and in very clearly structured framework by Traditional Indian System of Applied Wisdom. All the rest are either half-learned trajectories or well-crafted techniques by intelligent masters of modern meditation and new thought movement.

Many westerners scholars and researchers came to Indian soils, stayed in our Gurukuls, learnt from our divine masters and then few smartians went back and marketed our ancient traditional knowledge in their new avatars.

Nothing is bad or good, atleast their efforts direct the seekers to the ultimate journey and the true seekers finally found their ways to the Centre Point and the roots of everything – ‘The Source’ of all that is.

Understanding Life and the Circles of Life unfold the beauty and mesmerizing meaning that is always present in many layers, many levels of the creation, manifestation, operation, evolution and the destruction processes.

The more we get near the Centre inside the Circle of Life, the self triggering processes initiates the insights and intuitively inspire the seeker to know, learn, understand and apply the true wisdom practices, strengthening the foundational pillars of life and infinite energy around it.

The fundamental knowledge and understanding of the foundational elements finally gets evoked for all aspects of life. This initiation slowly but surely ‘TRANSFORMS’ the seeker, impacting all dimensions and domains of life, giving a new way to live and love life.

When we start connecting the dots – the Centre Point of different circles, representing different dimensions, the ultimate source gets activated and enable the seeker to visualize first and see clearly the bigger picture of real life. Now the primary aspirations gets shifted to BE at the Centre while doing all that is required for healthier, happier and harmonious CONNECT with the SOURCE

The Nine Dimensions of ‘The Circle of Life



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