SEEDS are the natural source of energy, holding Power to Multiply, exponentially, applying the nature’s principle of ‘Sowing & Reaping‘ that works in every realm of life. The unplanted seed will not yield harvest.

The Quality and Attributes of the seed defines the outcomes – the harvest. All seeds have genetic codes to create and replicate the same plant it came from. The choice is ours – what we sow is what we reap.

SOW & SERVE the SEEDS of Life

Mind Matters

From the intellect & acquired knowledge we create and operate the essential mental processes to gain health, generate wealth to plan secure and sustainable future.

Increase Intellectual Quotient (IQ)

Feeling Matters

From the feelings/emotions we get the ground for our actions, habits and resultant behaviour. Clarity of own emotions & effectively managing emotions of others leads to success.

Enhance Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Work Matters

From selection of right professional occupation and following it passionately gives immense satisfaction that leads to effective & productive work-life balance.

Obtain Occupational Quotient (OQ)

Money Matters

From the acquired wealth, fixed source of income, the backbone of our survival and emergency needs get strength. A regular income and a financial security network leads to free our mind from all future fear.

Flexible Financial Quotient (FQ)

Environment Matters

From the environment we get everything essential for all living beings. The harmony of internal and outer environment and circular ecology, nurturing the ecosystem help us to live & lead healthier happier life

Environmental / Natural Quotient (NQ)

Society Matters

From the social and friends circle we unfold and unburden our stress baggage, emotional outbursts, inner urge to ventilate our feelings. The unjudged, unbiased friendly chat, fun activities refresh and rejuvenate life.

Social Community Quotient (CQ)

Power Matters

From the harmony of health & hygiene of the physical body, the head and heart gets the foundational elements for growth. The powerful physiological being sets the base for happier psychological being.

Powerful Physical Quotient (PQ)

Self Matters

From the natural connect & inner engagement with the SOURCE of 'ALL THAT IS' we get directions. The divine whispers, the 'Voice of the Self' is the root of everything, infinite & abundant power of pure presence.

Supreme Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

Happiness Matters

From the focused approach and balancing of all the circles of life, the essential foundational pillars, help us to live, love and lead the life we 'Desire & Deserve'. Let the Happiness Happens - Become Happiness

Holistic Happiness Quotient (HQ)

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