Our Introduction

Connecting the Centres

We exist to Share, Serve, Support and Strengthen the System of Co-Creating, Co-Operating and Co-Educating individuals, institutions, organizations, corporate and communities to collaborate, operate and educate their members to 'FIND there CENTRE'. - The Source of All that is.

We help you to know, learn, understand, and practice to harmonize the essential domains of life representing physical, intellectual, emotional, occupational, financial, environmental, social and spiritual dimensions of all beings.

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Innovative Technology Incubation

Emerging Technologies AI, ML, AR/VR, Industry 4.0 Cyber Physical, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Data Science, Social Marketing and EduTech, FinTech, AgriTech

Campus to Corporate Confluence

Corporate & Social Impact Leaders ready to share their EXPERIENCES, their Success Formulas and Growth Tricks and Tips for supporting the NxtGen leaders for Smarter New India

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

The growth of communities and corporationa is impacted by wellbeing of their constituents. Happier, Healthier, Harmonious teams are Productive, Engaged & Efficient. People Matters

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GopiKrishan Bali - Core Catalyst

Gopi Krishan Bali

The Core Catalyst

Nikita Rana - Core Catalyst

Nikita Rana

The Core Catalyst


Android Web/App Developer


Content Creator

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Experiencing and Expressing Life while Helping the retired (but not tired) senior citizens, senior professional with midlife career break to reStart;LifeWorkCareer
Aanandita Anand
Social Catalyst
Decoding the Industry4.0 + leveraging Emerging Technologies to support micro and small industries and entrepreneurs through MicroStartup Eco-system
Aadi Anant
Emerging Tech Geek
Utilizing Creative Skills, Design Thinking Principles and Creative Art&Craft networks to support rural artisans, enthusiasts for social & street artists' self-sustainable growth
Graphics Designer
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