Time for Learning the Trending Emerging Technologies | Occupational Opportunities

The Emerging Technologies and the Industrial ecosystem is transforming dynamically. The COVID Pandemic, the devastating impact of its spread in industrial and corporate circles and the fear of moving out in the open, outdoors forced the professionals to Work-from-Home (WfH).

WfH | The New Normal

The professionals have to change the mindset and upskill themselves to effectively Work-from-Home (WfH). The Emerging Technologies and the dynamic industrial automation eco-system is urging the mid-level technicians and engineers to upskill themselves and be ready to adopt and adapt the ever-changing technical processes.

The relevant boost in EduTech Startups, shift in Central and State Govt. tech initiatives and sudden boost in demands for AI, ML, Data Science , AR/VR and robotics leading the trends coaxed the early takers to start unLearning, reLearning the new technologies.

The strong network of technical and academic experts along with experienced industry captains helps the new emerging Ecosystem like ETSKILLS and IOET to take roots.

Time is still there for existing and new technocrats to start the next phase of relearning and upskilling and keep updating their network for present survival and future growth.

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